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  There is no doubt that traditional morality(传统道德), as a national spirit, is a valuable contribution to social harmony(社会和谐) and progress and thus should be promoted and developed(被提倡,发扬) in modern times.




  In the thought-provoking picture, a young man and a lady is sitting on the chair in a waiting room that is allocated specially for mothers with baby. Regrettably(令人遗憾的是), they simply neglect the mother with a baby in her right arm and a big bag in her left hand standing just beside them with great efforts. The scene will set ordinary citizens to think seriously about the nation’s painfully declining moral climate(道德风尚的衰败).

  Some of this can be attributed to the lack of morality(道德缺乏), a problem shown particularly in the younger generation. Their sense of moral standards (道德感标准)seems to be withering(下降) although their material comforts have been considerably enhanced. What makes matters even worse is the fact that suchmisdeeds as spitting, picking flowers in public gardens or making noises in public places are becoming so pervasive(普遍的) that they are likely to be taken for granted(习惯成自然) by the public. With today’s worsening morality, social bonds (社会联系)have been weakened, replaced by a greater emphasis on self. That is why new ideas must come forward to improve the nation’s moral climate though the challenge cannot be underestimated(低估).

  Moral decline will not be reversed(扭转)until we find new ways to improve our moral standards. For adults, we can make use of every chance to remind young people of the importance of good manners, both as a competent citizen(合格公民) in modern society and as a model for them to follow. Only in this way can the moral climate of our nation be improved, and we sincerely wish that the young man in the picture could realize that he has sit on a "wrong" seat.








  With amazing development of society, computers have led to the improvement of working style of many people. Moreover, internet links the world so that people can gain various information on it.


  The more time people spend on internet, the less time they spend on communication in real life. What’s worse, some, especially the youngsters tend tobecome addicted to the internet(沉迷于网络).


  For my part, I believe the advantages far outweigh its negative effects(利大于弊). It is preferable that we make full use of the advantages and meanwhile minimize the negative effects(扬长避短).




  As is shown above, in front of a computer happily sits a teenager, attempting to work on his homework effortlessly, with the help from the internet finishing the job for him. There has been a heated discussion about this picture in the news paper recently. Simple as the picture is, it does demonstrate certain thought-provoking social phenomenon.

  The picture tells us that our life has been greatly influenced and changed by scientific and technological advances, an integral part(不可分割的一部分)to every aspect of modern life.What's more, individuals, organizations and governments attach due attention to this phenomenon. On the one hand, the progress can enhance people’s understanding on a subject, improve people’s learning capacity and skills, shrink the distance between cities and even continents; smooth the communication between residents and rid of the barrier(消除障碍) between people. Technical advances offer all people in the world a quality of life whatwasunimaginable(不可思议的) when personal computer first appeared 60 years ago. Our factory hums to the rhythm of robot assembly arms. Our banking is done at automated teller terminals that thank us with mechanical politeness for transaction. Our subway trains are controlled by tireless robot drivers. On the other hand, while computers, as have been mentioned above, help students finish the academic job, but this technology, at the same time, kills their creative thinking and exploration spirit(创造思维和探索精神). The effect of board-dependence brought by it causes the young, nowadays, even can seldom spell correctly, let alone the negative effects triggered by porn movies, violent video clips and their like.(第二段比较长,目的是让大家积累素材,考试时建议不要超过规定字数)

  In my view, while we are enjoying the conveniences of the science and technology, we shouldkeep a watching -eyes on(注意、当心) those negative practice, and aim to reduce the problems it has caused. Then the benefits of these advances will outweigh the serious problems.



  这幅图告诉我们,科技的进步极大地影响了我们的生活。科技是生活中重要的一部分,个人、组织、政府都很关注这一现象。一方面科技的进步提高了人们对事物的认识,提高了人们的学习能力和技能,缩短了城市和城市之间,甚至各大洲之间的距离,使人和人之间的沟通更加顺畅。科技的进步给世界人们生活带来的影响在60年前第一台电脑出现的时候是不可想象的。 我们的工厂里轰鸣着机器人组装臂的节奏声;我们的银行业务在自动柜员机完成,他们用礼貌的语言感谢我们办理业务;我们的地铁由不知疲倦的机器人司机驾驶。但是另一方面,虽然计算机在帮着孩子们完成作业,但是与此同时也在扼杀着他们的创造思维和探索精神。对于键盘的依赖使得很多孩子很少能正确的拼写和书写,就更不用提由于色情电影和暴力视频带来的负面影响了。





  Cheating is pervasive, such as plagiarism(剽窃) in academic circle, frauds in the business field and unfounded reports through the media. we need to recover our trust in each other and this will only happen when we individually and as a society learn to cherish honesty again as something really valuable to our human dignity.


  A lack of trust is detrimental to personal relationship since “trust is the glue of life(信任是生活的粘合剂). it’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principal that holds all relationship.


  Confucius, the greatest ancient sage in China, once said, "He who lack of credibility cannot be counted on for anything(人无信而无用)".




  From the cartoons given above, we can see that the cow is explaining to the little baby that it is not her fault for giving the poisoned power milk/the keeper is feeding the pig with Clenbuterol(瘦肉精).The cartoon wisely reflects the food safety issues (食品安全问题) which occur in recent years. Food safety related to people’s health and it concerns about people’s basic livelihood. Since the Sanlu Incident occurred in 2008, the entire society was increasingly concerned about food safety issue. It was in this context that the food safety issue has been referred to an unprecedented height.

  Problems leading to food safety are as follows: 1) using poor quality raw materials in the food manufacturing process; 2) adding toxic substances(有毒物质); 3) excessive use of food additives(食品添加剂); 4) abusing of chemical additives and so on. There are many reasons that cause this problem. It is regulators, producers, and even consumers who share the responsibilities.

  As Confucius instructed: better late than never. Prompt and strict measures should be taken to turn back (扭转)this evil trend. The government should launch a massive moral campaign to educate all citizens and draw up(制定) tougher laws to crack down on those irresponsible corporations and prohibit them from entering the food industry again. I am firmly convinced that through our combined efforts we are bound to enjoy more risk-free foods in the days ahead.








  As national culture becomes international culture, people in the world better understand each other. We are all villagers in this global village(地球村). Mutual respect and understanding make this world a better place to live in.


  Different countries are attracted to each other, indicates that to some extent different cultures can be accepted,respected,appreciated and shared internationally(被接受,被尊重,被欣赏以及被共享).




  Recently, there has been a growing concern among the public over the phenomenon that a great number of ancient buildings have been destroyed in some large cities, with launching of the construction projects. This has definitely generated serious negative effects(消极影响).

  To the best of my knowledge, several reasons can be identified to account for this phenomenon. To begin with, businessmen want to make huge profits when they build new buildings. Moreover, the government has not done enough to protect these ancient buildings.Last but not least, the fact that people have not realized the significance of our historical treasures(历史财富) is also responsible forthis phenomenon(也是另外一个原因).

  Considering all the points discussed, it is highly sensible that we take prompt measures to resolve this problem. In the first place, the government is supposed to make laws to stop destroying ancient building. In the second, the media need to enhance people’s awareness in ancient building protection. Only by enforcing these measures, can we effectively, efficiently, and eventually solve the problem.








  The unprecedented expansion of cities undoubtedly leads to the excessive concentration of population, which in turn brings about a series of problems, such as environmental pollution, traffic jam,crime and high housing prices(环境污染、交通堵塞、高房价).


  The focus of urban authorities should be on consolidation and upgrading(整合和升级) of urban infrastructure. Great attention should be paid to developing a mechanism to monitor the carrying capacity of both resources and environment of cities to achieve urban layout optimization.



  There could be a different way to live our lives—a low-carbon way(低碳生活). A low-carbon life can help save energy, cut down the pollution and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that is the main cause of the greenhouse effect.



  Laws and regulations must be set up and firmly implemented to eliminate bad manners in the places of interest. Also, a national-wide campaign must be launched to enhance people’s awareness of protecting the nature. Only by enforcing these measures, can we effectively, efficiently, and eventually solve the problem.




  The cartoon presents the Earth with a personified human face that seems quite unhappy. An examination of the picture immediately reveals that the source of its mood is the air pollution resulting from a huge number of automobiles spread around its surface.

  The cartoon, no doubt, aims at alarming humans of the heavy load we have exerted on Earth by our insatiable(贪得无厌的) production and usage of automobiles. However, the majority of people merely indulge in(沉迷于) the celebration of the convenience brought by cars, while forgetting or simply neglecting their harmful impact on the atmosphere. Admittedly(应当承认), there are various factors contributing to the current worldwide air pollution, but it is undeniable that(不可否认地) the exhaust from automobiles is categorized as one of the major elements.

  I would like to make the following proposals to solve this problem: firstly, we should apply the most cutting-edge technologies(前沿技术) in order to adopt new forms of energy(新能源) assubstitutes for(取代)fossil fuels(矿物燃料). It should also be guaranteed that the clean energy be inexpensive so that it can be widely accepted. Besides, there should be attempts to develop possible transportation means, so that citizens can be diverted from(摆脱)dependence on cars. In short, it is humans’ responsibility to resume(恢复,唤回)clean air for Earth.







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